Close Die Forgings

FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd. industry has been engaged in the manufacturing of most demanding industrial product like Close Die Forgings. Quality is the hallmark of our company to maintain excellent quality standards. We are one of the very well known and renowned company for the manufacture and export of a much broader range of commercial items such as these supreme qualities Flanges and forgings product. In our stock it would be most common category like Close and Open die Forgings are available in very competitive prices. Our Close Die Forgings products are famous for their superior quality production and good raw material.

Closed Die Forgings is the forging process in which all dies are moves in circular manner and they occupy whole or some part of workpiece. It is providing of difficult shaped parts from a metal semi item between two customized dies by working or pressing with a closed die forging press.  The heated raw material which is roughly the shape and size of the final forged part is placed in the bottom of die. The shape of the this item is integrated in the top die or in the bottom as a negative picture. due to this process the effect of the top die (tools) on the raw component forms it into the needed forged shape. This process is metal deformation process that uses pressure to contract a piece of steel to complete an internal die impact and that's why it is also called “Impression Die Forging”. The procedure begins with a rod or bar cut to the length need to complete the die. In some kind of forging method, a sequence of impression dies are used to modify the form of the material into the final preferred shape and form. Most design metals can be made via standard impression die Forging.

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