Mono Flange Valve

Mono Flange Valve which reflect in style known as ball valve that is used for interfacing instruments in each valves section towards processing piping that was earlier launched by Parker Hannifin. The kind of friction and bidirectional functionality perform in valve range are well designated by Monoball which present in various size with bores counted by 10, 15, 20 or 25. The construction of Mono Flange Valve makes the new valve reliably lighter product as compare to previous one and more compact which is very much conventional with each flange to flange in mounted ball valves.

Mono Flange Valve is always comes with an Bonded Liner Centric Disc. This kind of valve product is almost applicable for various industries and mainly featured at shipbuilding, heavy industry and civil engineering, this are the main sources for such ss stainless steel flanges product. Every time the valve body of single part is machined with forging and will keep on reducing each potential leak paths minimum low level. In alternate range of producing multiple flanges, the sources of different valves thermowells and forgings product such integrated parts are Double Block and Bleed Valves, duplex flanges, Manifold Valves and Instrumentation Ball Valve.

There are some major points which needs to be considered in counting of each valve:

  • BS En 593 in this section the Design pattern should be generated
  • Each dimension of EN 558 table I would be on same side by face to face
  • In making such flange every potion of that machine should be checked like Top Flange, Shaft, Bearings, Name Plate, Body, Precision Taper pins, Disc, Bounded Linear, Cove etc.
  • On Request of mono flange valve in single spare time the working pressure should go up to 25 bar
  • Below is the image which will describe the complete patter of valve machine

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