Gauge Block Monoflange Valves

The Mono Flange Valve are used on Upstream Offshore or Onshore Gas and lubricant oil production and primary processing installations. Mono flange one piece valves are created to defeat the difficulties of traditional assemblies on main solitude duties. This valve is more beneficial as compared to both piping and instrument ball valves in a single assembly. Mono Flange valve provide weight and space savings as well as it is used to minimize leakage and more secure hook-up. FiveBros provides a complete variety of close paired mono flange with respect to ANSI and ASME norms. These valve is use when you require the compactness and an excellent specifications for technical and piping applications. This more lightweight and effective design minimizes pipe work vibration and related pressure to give the perfect configuration for many difficult applications. They are commonly used on gas gauge pressure device Apps. It is used to minimize the sizing and weight of the pipe-valve products that is used for primary or secondary solitude, port and calibration.

Mono Flange Valve are designed using supreme quality steel to steel shut off meets ANSI standard IV category. These type of valve is also used in downstream lube oil and Gas Refining. We use these type of valve for generation of Petrochemical on valve procedures mostly on light end item applications. We can put these valve item into any flange network (horizontally or vertically). They permit a gauge to be placed in a straight direction. These valve is best for both primary solitude and instrument duties that is dual block and bleed. These valve provides isolation, testing service and instrument mounting in a single lightweight unit. The pattern of these valve product includes basic features like vibration limit and minimize the complete height of a gauge set up. The Process Mono flanges are created to swap standard multiple valve assembly and it is best economical remedy.

Block and Bleed Manifold Valves

Manifold Valves are made from best quality stainless steel product so that it is used as transmitters. Because of it is made from stainless steel which work has one isolation of valve with 1/2 connection and one drain valve of 1/4 connection. Suppose In case of calibration the outlet of drain valve can be used in direction of several friction and even it reduce number of joints in causing cost reduction. We at FiveBros designed and manufactured the good system integrators. Our experience engineers provide best quality valves with the features like very great flow of stimulus compact design, very high speed, usage of low power and indicator lights. Manifold in each valves has several options for stainless steel or metal flanges like single touch fitting with fully maintenance, control and one step assembly of sequential interface.

Manifold Valves are generally designed for system air supplies with control panels. Our valves products are now found in many applications for the supply of gaseous a liquid media in chemical industry, marine water and conventional professional Apps. The manufacturing process of manifold valves product is very quick and simple in which the Inlet connections has to linked at both ends of the valve. First you have to connect one inlet to plug or you can also connect manifold in series. Due to this lightweight structure makes them suitable for use in sections and limited spaces. These valve provide weight and space savings. These valves are created for use with several instrumentation devices. Steel and Brass valves manifold both are main types of valves. They are found bar stock with different types like two, three and five valve manifold design. They are found in forged body with network time protocol that is NTP port connections with different increasing and supporting techniques. Manifold Valves has long functional life because of metal body like stainless steel and simple function.

SS Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturers in India

Stainless Steel Flanges offers numerous types like deterioration proof which uses on wide range in various varieties. Each flanges has includes large range of threaded flanges, neck flanges and slip on flanges. FiveBros creates steel product with mixture of all this products. Due to this reason our Steel products has more demand in market. You can build your stainless steel flanges as per your norms and needs as you want to have it. For creating this type of steel item we required Natural and Electro polished or Dime Coated or any kind of coating which necessary to polish those substance as per their customer need and specifications. Stainless steel has many types like Stainless Steel Plate Flanges, Pipe Fittings flanges and SS Flanges. Steel Pipe Flanges are largely used as a recommended category of pipe fittings which is used to mechanically join two pipes together.

Stainless Steel Flanges (SS Flanges) is specially made by using Stainless steel materials are approved with standard like ASTM and many more. SS flanges is the type of metal flanges. SS flanges product is more effective and beneficial as compared to carbon steel flange. It is more efficient than carbon steel flange but it is more expensive than carbon steel flange. Our steel flanges sizes and the types of metal used in their design is differ based on their application. Generally chosen for their vital and beneficial qualities SS flanges are easily integrated into nearly any flange system. Primary reasons for selecting these product over other types of metal flanges include deterioration free and durability. Some metals are softer than others. The best example is aluminum which is softer than steel. Aluminium flange may fail under high pressure whereas a steel flange will not. That type of consistency makes these product a common choice in industrial applications.

Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings is major part in valve Engineering is made for process and control system, instrumentation fitting and two-ferrule compression fitting. This element are offered for leak free performance, torque free seal off at all tubing connections. Here at FiveBros Forgings tube fitting is mostly offer for wide range of petroleum chemical processing in heavy commercial apps. This fitting are used to minimizes expensive hazardous leaks in procedure and instrumentation tubing lines, Petrochemical lubricating oil. Our tube fittings products are offered in a wide range of configurations and specification that meet the requirement for leak-free gas and liquid containment. They are also available in many different sizes. Each product is produced and accurately designed to intermix and switch major international brands. We create one single ferrule and two ferrule tube-fitting designs. We made two ferrule fitting design is very simple to set up with a torque free tubing during set up. Our gap evaluation gauge guarantees sufficient pull-up upon very first installation.

Low torque construction is the main function of our tube-fitting item. We offers Standard components involve 316 stainless-steel product, metal and Monel flanges and many others products are available upon request of customer. It has ability to trace a heat code for SS316 and Alloy 400. Our these product has size range from 1/16 to 2. Each and every product has wide range of end connections and designs. Wide range of fitting products find application in research lab, oil and gas industry, aerospace and defense and electrical power generation industry. Single ferrule and two ferrule tube-fitting item is generally used bite type dimension fitting which involves the body, progressive ring and nut. In Single Ferrule Fittings two cutting edges of the ferrule bite into the exterior area of the tube ensuring the essential carrying current for high functioning stains.

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Double Block and Bleed Valves

Double block and bleed valves (DBB valves) are a space saving valves which is act as dual solitude solution that eliminates the need for costly and complicated multiple valve systems. By mixing all block and bleed elements into a single unit FiveBros Forgings DBB valves reduce the risk of leak paths to atmosphere while providing significant weight savings. Our double block and bleed valves are single integral valve set up used for the main isolation of strain take-off and procedure flow. A single DBB valve can separate up or downstream for providing a large maintenance advantage over multiple valves. This lightweight design is perfect for lubricant and gas manufacturing and direct or remote mounting of equipment. It is also perfect for reduced risk of vibration damage. These product is also used in device solitude chemical injection and gauge solitude. Choose from a large supply of ready to ship DBB valves or allow us to lightweight design a remedy that is optimized for your particular system. Our DBB valves can meet at pressure range from 1380 bar at 22°C (72°F). Due to this compact design these product are readily available with needle or ball valves or a combination of both. The advantages of these products are minimized leakage points, reduced installation costs and maintenance requirements. The valves allow sections of a piping system to be isolated for maintenance with a deplete valve between them for ensuring that unnecessary strain does not get into the section being serviced.

Our DBB valves product can be designed to link up to most dimensions of piping with all type of connection styles. Double block and bleed valves are generally manufactured from 316 stainless steel. However they can be machined from other steel alloys with special seal materials to fulfill your specific needs. Conventional components include monel, Titanium and Bronze.

Duplex Flanges in India

Duplex flanges offers high immune to corrosion and very great mechanical longevity. The high corrosion resistance of duplex flanges assures dramatically more up time than carbon steels flanges.
FiveBros Forgings are very well known industry in manufacturing and exporting wide range of Industrial Flanges products. We offer a variety of duplex flanges item which are made in different dimension and length parameters. Our professional staff guarantees our range of product can be applied in many commercial applications. They use high temperature to make best product like round bars. Duplex 2205 is a nitrogen boosted duplex stainless steel developed for preventing common rust issues encountered with the 300 series stainless steels. We supplies duplex and super duplex stainless steels in plate, sheet, bar etc.

“Duplex” is a stainless steel family that is not totally austenitic such as 304 metal as well as it is not ferritic such as 430 metal. The 2205 duplex stainless steel framework includes austenite pools rounded by a continuous ferrite phase. In the annealed situation 2205 has about 40-50% ferrite. The 2205 Duplex is mainly referred to as the work horse grade and is broadly used grade in the duplex family of stainless metal. The benefit of a duplex framework is that the good qualities of a ferritic alloy are combined with those of an austenitic alloy that features deterioration resistance and ease of production. Usage of 2205 Duplex stainless steel should be restricted to temperatures range below 600° F. Expanded raised temperature visibility can embrittle 2205 stainless. The 2205 duplex is an inexpensive solution for a number of applications where the 300 series stainless steels are vulnerable to chloride stress rust cracking. Stress deterioration cracking occurs when stainless steels are exposed to tensile stress while in contact with solutions containing chlorides. The susceptibility of stainless steels to stress deterioration cracking is also increased by raising temperatures.

Close Die Forgings

FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd. industry has been engaged in the manufacturing of most demanding industrial product like Close Die Forgings. Quality is the hallmark of our company to maintain excellent quality standards. We are one of the very well known and renowned company for the manufacture and export of a much broader range of commercial items such as these supreme qualities Flanges and forgings product. In our stock it would be most common category like Close and Open die Forgings are available in very competitive prices. Our Close Die Forgings products are famous for their superior quality production and good raw material.

Closed Die Forgings is the forging process in which all dies are moves in circular manner and they occupy whole or some part of workpiece. It is providing of difficult shaped parts from a metal semi item between two customized dies by working or pressing with a closed die forging press.  The heated raw material which is roughly the shape and size of the final forged part is placed in the bottom of die. The shape of the this item is integrated in the top die or in the bottom as a negative picture. due to this process the effect of the top die (tools) on the raw component forms it into the needed forged shape. This process is metal deformation process that uses pressure to contract a piece of steel to complete an internal die impact and that's why it is also called “Impression Die Forging”. The procedure begins with a rod or bar cut to the length need to complete the die. In some kind of forging method, a sequence of impression dies are used to modify the form of the material into the final preferred shape and form. Most design metals can be made via standard impression die Forging.

Mono Flange Valve

The FiveBros Forgings mono flange valve are used on Upstream Offshore/Onshore Gas and lubricant manufacturing and initial processing installations. We provides a total range of close paired mono flange valve with respect to ANSI and ASME standard. These product is use when you want the compactness and a great specs for technical and piping apps. They are widely used on gas gauge pressure device applications. It is used to decrease the dimension and weight of the pipe-valve gadgets that is used for primary and/or secondary isolation, port and calibration. These product is also used in downstream lubricant oil and Gas Refining. We can use these type valve for creation of Petrochemical on valve processes mostly on light end product apps. These products are made using superior quality steel to steel shut off satisfies ANSI Category IV criteria. We can placed these product into vertical or horizontal flange network. They allow a gauge to be kept in a straight position. These product is ideal for both primary solitude and instrument duties (dual block and bleed). These product provides solitude, testing facility and instrument mounting in a single portable unit. The design of these product contains basic characteristics like vibration restrict and reduce the complete height of a gauge set up.

Mono Flange Valve connections are obtainable with respect to ASME standard with a wide range of process end connections available. Complete test and component certification based on EN 10 204- 3.1B is also provided if required. This process is fire safe tested according to BS 6755 part II. Mono flange Series and Process Mono flanges are types of these product. The Process of Mono flanges are designed to switch conventional several valve set ups. It is best cost affordable remedy. Block, block/bleed, or double block/bleed valves are offered in this process.

Monel Flanges

FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd. are one of the very well known and renowned company for the manufacture, supply and export of a much wider range of industrial equipments which includes these supreme qualities Monel Flanges products. Our products are made by using best quality raw components making our items efficient and durable. Our variety of monel products combine outstanding deterioration resistance property of nickel and copper with additional advantage of high durability. Monel products are ideal for marine and commercial applications.

There are many different types of monel products are available in commercial sector with very affordable costs. We offers monel product like Monel Flanges, Monel Fasteners and Monel 400, Monel 400 Flanges. Our Customers enjoy our Complete attention towards them, as each client is very important for us and we always try to make them satisfied.

We offer these product which is designed using good raw substance in the manufacturing process. These properly designed monel flanges product are sturdy, deterioration level of resistance, lubricant and temperature resistance and have excellent tensile energy. Flanges products are made for used with daft which is buttocks connect to the tube fittings. It shows the stub stub end always makes the face.

The lap joint is a better choice for low pressure applications as it is very quickly constructed and lined up. Our product range of monel fittings are suitable for applications in diverse commercial sectors. These product have specifically drilled hole for proper installation. We are providing these flanges product in many different size ranges without a hub and in treated coated carbon steel at the best competitive cost. We made these product using standard like ASME SB 564 / ASTM. These products are available in grades like Monel 400 and Monel 500. Monel 400 ASTM is very hard for digital device.  

Manifold Valves

Manifold Valves are used as transmitters where its a steel product which work has one isolation of valve with 50 percent connection and one drain valve of 1 / 4 connection. FiveBros has the largest and most innovative range of Manifold Valves and flanges available with models for virtually every type of D/P instrument. These consist standard Two way, three way and five way valve manifolds as well as purpose designed models for particular applications.

Suppose In case of calibration the outlet of strain valve can be used towards numerous rubbing and even it reduce many joints in causing cost reduction. Our highly skilled team provides good system integrators and engineers of business leading valve performance where as a very great flow of stimulus compact design, very high-speed, utilization of low power and signal lights. Manifold in each valves has many options for stainless steel or alloy steel flanges like single touch fitting with fully maintenance, control and one step installation of sequential interface.

HM50 Series Two Valve Manifolds is one single fixed strain manifold that consists block valve, a bleed valve and a shutoff valve into a single valve construction. Bleed valves and Shutoff valves both are allow the transmitter to be bled without the help of any additional valving. This series provides distinct device bleed and a calibration entry port to allow for fast, accessible zeroing and calibration of gauge pressure transmitters.

With this features the manifold valves is designed without a wrench with a significant reduction in the time needed to execute this process. This type of Valves features a threaded inlet and flanged outlet allows the transducer to protect directly to the manifold. This process output outcomes in quick set up and allows a technical assistant to take out the transmitter for service without disassembling the connected piping.

SS Stainless Steel Flanges

FiveBros is a manufacturing unit dedicated fundamentally to the production of Steel Flanges as per the national and international standards. We also supply these products to various Manufacturers and Distributors around the world and consumed by chemical and many other industries. We made these product as per the client's design and specifications and requirements.

The Flanges are designed to standard dimensions and are generally flat face, raised face, tongue and groove or ring joint styles like steel flanges etc. These products are usually used in applications that including high temperature surfaces. The most popular commercial flange components for these applications consist of inconel, incoloy, and hastelloy.

These products provides several types like corrosion resistant which uses on large range in various varieties. Each flanges has large variety of weld threaded flanges, neck flanges and slip on flanges. With combination of this components we can create steel product as of course you can create your steel products on your standard on your requirements as you want to have it. For making such kind of steel product we required Electropolished Coated, Natural, Dime Plated or any type of coating which needed to polish those component all this they do as per their customer need and specifications.

Steel Flanges has many types. Steel Pipe Flanges are largely used as a preferred category of pipe fittings. A Steel Pipe Flanges is widely used to connect two pipes together. These type of flanges are mostly used to connect a pipe to a tee, choke or different part of equipment. These products are easily available in different forms like spherical, square and rectangle shaped. In some conditions, flanges are available in ring or a plate shape to make a rim at the end of a pipe when fixed to the pipe. the common example is closet flange.
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