Instrumentation Ball Valve

FiveBros offer Instrumentation Ball Valve are used primarily on upstream offshore/onshore oil production and initial processing installations. made from top quality stainless steel and brass these Ball Valves provide fast one fourth turn shut off. These valves either provides the online control of liquids absorbed in process power and instrumentation function.

Our ball valves are available in affordable cost with a great demand due to its high quality and performance. We provide secure leak free connections with lowest cost of any instrument ball and plug valve as per industrial standard. These type of instrument valve are available in various different sizes and seat materials. Our all products are made with Rugged and compactly designed.

Electronically activated B Series Instrumentation Ball Valves are made to offer positive leak tight shut off and handling the liquids used in process and instrumentation applications. The two way ball valves offer speedy 1/4 turn on off control and opposite of this is three way ball valves. Three way B series ball valves may be used as redirecting or selecting valves. A variety of valve body, seat, and seal materials provides broad range of stains and temperatures at which the valve may be used. The standard three-way B Series Ball Valves is made to accept media through the bottom slot and direct it out of two outlet slots.

When prepared with spring loaded seats, the three way device may be used as a selector device, alternatively recognizing media from either of two inlet resources and guiding it through a single outlet. Compact 60 Series spring return or double acting stand and pinion actuators provide air-driven operation and the 70/80 Sequence of electric actuators supply a range of currents and NEMA enclosures. B Series Instrumentation Ball Valves has long service life because of stainless steel body and simple operation.

Mono Flange Valve and Double Block and Bleed Valves

The FiveBros Forgings Mono flange valve are used on Upstream Offshore/Onshore Gas and Oil production and initial processing installations. Where compactness and a high requirements for mechanical and piping applications is needed, FiveBros Forgings offers a complete range of close coupled slimline mono flange valve in accordance with ANSI / ASME B.16.34. Mono flange valve is commonly used on gas gauge strain device applications. It is used to reduce the size and weight of the pipe-valve devices that is used for primary and/or secondary isolation, port and calibration. These product is also used in downstream Oil and Gas Refining and Petrochemical production on flanged procedures, mainly on light end gas programs. Top quality steel to steel shutoff satisfies ANSI Category VI criteria. The Mono flange valve product can be placed onto vertical or horizontal flanged network. They allow a gauge to be kept in an upright position. These product is suitable for both primary isolation and instrument duties (double block and bleed). These product offers isolation, testing facility and instrument mounting in a single lightweight unit. The design of these product includes basic features like vibration limit and decrease the total height of a gauge set up

Mono Flange Valve connections are available according to ASME B 16.5 with a variety of process end connections available. Full test and material certification based on EN 10 204- 3.1B is also offered if needed. Mono flange valve are available in two different types such as Mono flange Series and Process Mono flanges. The Process Mono flanges are created to replace standard multiple valve installations. It is best cost effective remedy. Block, block/bleed, or double block/bleed valves are available in this process. Instrument Mono flanges are used when primary valves are not needed or when the primary valves are not to be exchange with a Process Mono flange

Features & Benefits
  • Fully in accordance with ANSI / ASME specifications

Tube Fitting

FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd. Tube Fittings Group is engaged in offering a variety of Threads & Ferrule Fittings as per DIN / IS / ASTM / SAE and other relevant industry standards. Our Tube fittings are interchangeable with other manufacturers sub parts which has unique advantage of using "FiveBros" products. All the Tube fitting products are created as per standard norms, design, drawing and measurements which has 100% assurance for its application. FiveBros produces single-ferrule bite type fitting and two-ferrule bite type tube fitting designs.

Single Ferrule Bite Type Fittings: Single Ferrule Bite Type Fitting is a flare less three piece pattern fitting including of an outlet body having a perfect conical seat, a one piece progressive ferrule ring and a Coupling Nut. When the Coupling Nut gradually stiffened it creates the Progressive Ring. These Progressive Ring then move on to the tube consequently creates two bytes into the outside diameter of the pipe. Due to this process visible collar of material is created. These material is ensuring a robust, efficient, great safety and permanent sealing because of excellent development and pattern of our progressive ring.

JIC 37 Flare Fitting: FiveBros introduced the JIC 37 Flare Fitting. The design of FiveBros JIC 37 Flare Fitting has globally approval due to its many great features and user benefits. The design of JIC 37 Flare Fitting is very simple. It uses an easily created flare at the tube end to close and hold liquid under high pressure. The fitting that includes of a body, sleeve and nut. The JIC 37 Flare Fitting is the most widely used tube fitting in the globe. Further helping its approval is its wide-spread use as a hose Adapter. This product has worldwide acceptance because of its ease-of-use, lightweight design, ease of assembly, stability (single seal), material accessibility and flexibility to inches or metric tube. JIC 37 Flare Fittings are usually regarded to be 3000 psi fittings. Our product's pressure ranges from 9000 psi for 1/4 size to 2000 psi for 2 size. Currently, it is used in almost every application that uses liquid power for motion control.


Needle Valve Tube Fitting

Needle Valve are designed for positive leak tight shut-off and regulation of fluids in process, power and instrumentation applications. Needle valves at FiveBros are available in variety of styles, port sizes, temperature capabilities and pressures. FiveBros valves provide the user with maximum flexibility when designing tubing or piping systems. We offers needle valves for positive leak tight shut-off and used to regulate accurately the flow of a liquid or gas. We offer needle valves in wide range of stem types in both in-line and angle patterns. Many different types of designs are provided for oil and gas processing features along with a PFA product for use in competitive chemical and gas applications

HN29 Series Needle Valve: HN29 Series Needle Valve is focused on the gas sampling, OEM and merchant industry. All stainless steel valves are rated to 3000 psi at 100°F with soft seats. All carbon-steel valves are counted to 6000 psi at 100°F with hard seats as well as 3000 psi at 100°F with soft seats. These type of valves are offered in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 measuring sizes

Hex HN39 Series Needle Valve: These type of valves are compact and economical high pressure needle valves. Panel suppliers can use the conventional panel nut to protect valves to instrument panel. All valves are offered with vital hard seats, 316 stainless-steel body, trash cutting and Teflon packing. Valves are equipped with a panel mount nut. All stainless steel valves are rated to 6000 psi at 100°F. 450°F (232,2°C) limit for Teflon-packed. 1000°F (537,8°C) limit for Grafoil packed

HN41 Series Needle Valve: these type of needle valves has a straight-thru design with a Delrin seat. They provides two way directional flow and the capability to rod-out valve for cleaning. These type of Needle Valve are specially focused on oil and gas industry. They are available only in 316 Stainless-Steel per NACE MR-01-75. Valves are rated at 6000 psi at 200°F (413,7 bar @ 93,3°C). Features & Benefits of HN41 Series Needle Valve are as follows:

Manifold Valves Tube Fitting Needle

manifold valves offer industry leading valve performance advancements such as remarkably high flow capacities from very compact designs, low power consumption, high speed response, long life, built-in surge suppression and indicator lights. Pneumatic valve manifold options which includes built in one touch fittings, prewired electric connections and sequential interface. This component simplify installation, maintenance and control. our product has great Reliability and long life are verified with life ranking of 50 to 200 million cycles. FiveBros has engineered many manifold valve innovations, and our robust designs combine high flow and low power consumption. FiveBros manifold valves designs offer unsurpassed quality, performance and range. We offer these of valves for every application with different port sizes and great specification. These port sizes measurement ranges are start from M3 to 2. Valves can be fitted on a manifold. Manifold valves is manufactured by using cassette type design. Because of using this design manifold valves can be placed, while offering flexible incorporated wiring options.

2 Valve Manifold- Remote Mounting: These type of valves has one Solitude valve of ½ connection and one strain valve of ¼ or ½ connection. We can used The outlet of drain valve for calibration. Compact unit helps you to save extra spaces, minimizes the number of joints leading to cost decrease. These type of manifold valves are widely used with Pressure gauges, Pressure switches or Pressure transmitters.

2 Valve Manifold- Direct Mounting: These product provides a direct mounting features. They provides this feature with isolation and calibration in a single unit. These type of manifolds can be directly fitted on the static strain transmitter to remove several parts & joints.

3 Valve Manifold- Remote Mounting: These manifolds are usually used in differential strain application with Pressure gauges, Pressure switches & pressure transmitters. These type of valves provides two isolation valves & one calibration valve. The standard stain connections are ½ NPTF. The drain connection of ¼ NPT is offered as an another choice.

3 Valve Manifold- Direct Mounting: These product can be directly mounted on the transducer having 54mm or 32 mm center to center connections. These valves are mostly used with DP transmitters

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Duplex Flanges Tube Fitting

Duplex flanges offers outstanding resistant to deterioration and very high mechanical strength. The high deterioration resistance of duplex flange guarantees dramatically more uptime than carbon steels flanges. FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd. are involved in manufacturing and supplying broad range of Industrial Flanges products. FiveBros Forgings offer a wide range of duplex flanges product, which are manufactured in diverse diameters and length parameters. We have highly skilled professional team, who make sure that our range of product can be applied in many commercial applications. they use high temperature to manufacture best product like round bars.
Our range includes:
  • duplex steel pipes
  • duplex steel tubes
  • industrial steel pipes
  • industrial steel tubes
Duplex & Super-Duplex Flanges:
FiveBros Forgings offer duplex flanges as per the following specifications:
Standard: ASTM / ASME A/SA 182
Grade: F 44, F 45, F51, F 53, F 55, F 60, F 61.

Duplex & Super-Duplex Steel Pipes:
We supply good quality duplex steel pipes, which are durable and deterioration free. This products are available with different specification, shapes and sizes as well as we make this product as per customer requirement.

Duplex & Super-Duplex L Tubes:
we offer duplex steel tubes are made from top quality raw elements and It is very demanding product it is spread across the globe. duplex steel tubes are commonly used as like heat exchangers in paper & pulp companies.

Duplex & Super-Duplex Butt Weld Fittings:
FiveBros Forgings offer a wide range of quality duplex butt weld fittings in different shapes and sizes. This product is made from top quality Duplex metal and it is commonly used in underground fittings.

Duplex & Super Duplex Forged Tube Fittings:
We take special care of our client's requirement and due to this reason our all products spread across the globe. This product are used in many different oil and Gas Refinery industries and many other companies.

Specifications of Duplex Flanges:
  • Standards: ASTM / ASME SA 790.
  • Grades: UNS NO. S 31803, S 32205, S 32550, S 32750, S 32760.

Monel Flanges

FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd. Is leading manufacture and exporter of monel flanges. We at FiveBros Forgings offer top quality monel flanges products like monel 400, monel 500 etc. Monel 400 is a Nickel-Copper alloy exhibits great durability, high corrosion resistance in a range of acidic and alkaline environments. It is especially suitable for reducing conditions in addition to its high strength. These product also has great ductility and thermal conductivity. These product contain 67% Nickel and 23% Copper that means it is a solid solution alloy that can only be solidified by cold working. A low deterioration rate in swiftly flowing brackish or seawater combined with high resistance to stress-corrosion breaking in most fresh waters. Due to high corrosion resistance it is mostly use in marine applications. These product is also used in non-oxidizing chloride solutions. As we know these product contain high copper content and because of this it can be quickly attacked by any nitric product as well as ammonia systems.
These product has great mechanical properties and it can be used in temp up to 1000° F. The melting range of these product is 2370° F to 2460° F (1300 — 1350 °C). In annealed condition these product has low in strength. In this condition we have to use variety of tempers to increase the strength. In what forms is Monel 400 Available at FiveBros Forgings?

  • Sheet Plate Bar Pipe & Tube (welded & seamless) 
  • Fittings that is flanges, slip on, blinds, weld-necks, lap joints, long welding necks, socket welds, elbows, tees, stub-ends, returns, caps, crosses, reducers, and pipe nipples 
  • Wire

Characteristics of Monel 400? 
Immune to marine water as well as vapor at very high temperatures
High resistance to swiftly flowing marine water
High level of resistance to stress corrosion cracking in most clean waters
Excellent resistance to alkalis

Monel 400 Alloy- UNS No. N04400
Monel 500 Alloy- UNS No. N05500
Size: 1/2"NB TO 48"NB IN
Type: Seamless / ERW / Welded type / Fabricated
Schedule: SCH 10, SCH 20, SCH 30

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SS Flanges

Stainless Steel Flange Manufacturer FiveBros supplies SS Flanges, Stainless forged steel Flange, Forged Flanges in Stainless Steel. SS Flange is made by Stainless steel, which material grade like ASTM A182, F321,F304,F304L, F316, F316L, JIS SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, DIN 1.4404,1.4432, 1.4541,1.4306(7), Stainless steel flange have a good advantage with its performance than carbon steel flange, more efficient, but higher cost than carbon steel flange. As like SS flanges we made many different product like Nuclear, Stainless steel flanges, Needle Valve, Duplex flanges, Plate steel flanges, Chemical & Fertilizer, close and open die forgings, Chrome Moly Flanges, Forged Fittings, Tube Fittings flanges, Tube Sheets, Alloy Steel flanges, valve component, Double Block and Bleed Valves, Thermowell forgings, etc

SS Flanges is commonly made by using Stainless steel, which product quality like ASTM A182, F321, DIN 1.4404, SUS316L, 1.4432, 1.4541,1.4306(7). This product has a good benefits with its high performance than carbon steel flange, it is also more efficient than carbon steel flange, but cost is very high. FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd. are interested in developing, supplying, and exporting of high strength Stainless Steel Flanges. Our Highly skilled professionals made these with extreme precision to ensure great performance and high demand. Your special consumers can get these in many sizes, dimensions, shapes to fit with the standard pipe, blank off valves and openings.

  • Paper and pulp Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Food Industry
Flanges Types:
  • Slip On - SORF Flanges
  • Weld Neck - WNRF Steel Flanges
  • Socket Weld - SWRF Steel Flanges
  • Blind - BLRF Steel Flanges Lapped Joint Flanges
  • Screwed steel Flanges
  • Long Weld Neck Flanges
  • Reducing Flanges
  • Spectacle Flanges
  • Ring Joint Flanges
  • Durable
  • Premium quality steel
  • Dimensionally precise
  • Anti -oxidization
  • Withstands temperature variations
  • High tensile strength
Used In
  • Refinery complexes
  • Chemical production
  • Petrochemical engineering
  • Ship building industry.
Types of stainless steel flanges:
  • Weld neck flanges
  • Threaded Pipe flanges
  • Slip-On flanges
  • Lap Joint flanges
  • Blind flanges
  • Socket Weld flanges
  • Ring-Type Joint flanges

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Manifold Valves

Manifold Valves are used as transmitters where its a stainless-steel item which work has one solitude of valve with half connection and one drain valve of One fourth connection. Suppose In case of calibration the outlet of drain valve can be utilized towards several friction and even it decrease number of joints in causing cost reduction. We at FiveBros provides good system integrators and engineers of business leading valve performance where as a very great flow of stimulus compact design, very high speed, usage of low power and indicator lights. Manifold in each valves has several choices for stainless steel or alloy steel flanges like single touch fitting with fully servicing, control and one step setup of sequential interface.

HM50 Series Two Valve Manifolds:

This series is one single fixed pressure manifold that includes block valve, a bleed valve and a shutoff valve into a single valve construction. Both this bleed device/ valve and shutoff valve are allow the transmitter to be eliminated or bled without the need of any additional valving. The HM50 series provides distinct device bleed and a calibration entry port to allow for fast, accessible zeroing and calibration of gauge pressure transmitters. With the set up of a tube fitting or a fast connect coupling, zeroing and calibration can be conducted without a wrench with a significant reduction in the time necessary to perform this process. This type of Manifold Valves features a threaded inlet and flanged outlet, letting the transmitter to secure directly to the manifold. This process results in fast installation and allows a technical assistant to take out the transmitter for service without disassembling the associated piping.

Features & Benefits:

Minimize Costs & decreases Installation Time:- Use FiveBros static pressure manifold valves in place of the typical arrangements of nipples, pipes, elbows, tees and gate valves for a lower cost, easier to install valve assembly.
Non-Rotating Stem:- We at FiveBros Provides tight and repeatable shutoff without the galling or cross scoring that occurs on ball type stems.
Completely Backseated Bonnets:- It Prevent random stem removal and blowout. This Unique design minimizes waste of product.

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SS Stainless Steel Flanges

SS Stainless Steel Flanges

Stainless Steel Flanges is specially made by using Stainless steel, which material grade like ASTM A182, F321,F304,F304L, F316, F316L, SUS316, SUS317 SUS316L, DIN 1.4404,1.4432, 1.4541,1.4306(7), stainless steel flanges have a good benefit with its performance than carbon steel flange, It is more efficient than carbon steel flange, but it has high cost than carbon steel flange.
FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd. is a quality leader in the field of marketing stainless, alloy steel and carbon steel flanges. It is our aim to understand and supply all types of industry flanges and other products and related services to our clients and fulfill their all requirements at very reasoning prices. Quality, reliability and consistency are the reasons why customers and suppliers choose FiveBros as their long-term partner for their steel flanges business. Weld neck flanges has no center bore and it is used to shut off a piping system or vessel opening.

Types of SS Flanges: 

  • Weld-neck flanges
  •  Threaded Pipe flanges
  • Slip-On flanges
  • Lap Joint flanges
  • Blind flanges
  • Socket Weld flanges
  • Ring-Type Joint flanges 

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings and Flanges:

  • Manufacture: Welded and Seamless
  • Size Range is start form DN6 to DN600
  • Grades are 304/304L, 316/316L, 2205
  • Wall Thickness are Sch 10S, 40S, 80S
  • Types are Butt weld, Screwed & socket, Flanges
  • Shapes are Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Caps, Stub ends, Flanges (ANSI, Table E & Table D)

The above information is about standard stock product and we will make sure about the availability of this product in out market stock. This systems can be fitted by using threaded connection with welding technique and, in the heavier schedule 40 and schedule 80. This systems can be fitted by using threaded connection with welding technique and, in the heavier schedule 40 and schedule 80. The fabrication of piping methods is made possible by the availability of supporting fittings and flanges. This system are specified by the same DN or NPS designator and schedule(S) numbering system as for pipe and can be join to each other and to devices such as veins and valves.

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Forged and Machined Components

FiveBros Forgings PVt Ltd. are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and offering wide range of Industrial Forged and Machined Components. Our goods and products are famous for their top best quality production and good raw material.  We standard bank on our trusted vendors for the high quality raw material supply. Our Logistics highly skilled experience team plays a supporting, yet important role in regular shipping and delivery of the industrial forged and machined components. Our Clients enjoy our Complete attention towards them, as each consumer is very important for us. These industrial machined Components find applications in most heavy engineering industries.

Machined parts: 

FiveBros are designing a great machined components or parts catering to unique style of industrial sectors. FiveBros are designing a great machined components or parts catering to unique style of industrial sectors. Heavy as well light-weight engineering industries are our prime business clients. We provided the best Machined parts in castings, Thermowell Forgings and bar stocks.

Types of Forged & Machined Components:

Steel Axles:  Steel Axles is made by using high quality steel. Steel Axles are available in market in specific designs, these axles are very important for abrasion resistant finish and high strength which are available at market leading cost.  These Axles are Used in several manufacturing applications.
Gear Blanks – Forged: Gear Blanks – Forged are made from top quality Alloy steel and broadly used to Transportation Purpose and Products Boxes.
Connecting Rods & Levers: Connecting Rods is specially made to meet the needs of automotive industry. In order to ensure top quality standards of these rods, we use top-quality grade steel metal and these are appreciated for excessive strength, high heat tolerance and corrosion finish.
Forging Component: We are leading manufacturers and distributors of Forgings components. Widely liked for their excellent quality and great strength, our forgings components are properly suitable for several manufacturing applications. Further, we also have the service to customize design these components as per the requirements given by the customer.


  • Anchor Pin 
  • Forging End Cover 
  • Pivot Pin 
  • Forging Hsg. Cover 
  • R. Hub 
  • S.G. Front Wheel Hub 
  • S.G. Rear Wheel Hub 
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Flanges Manufacturers in India

FiveBros Forgings PVt Ltd. is one of the leading flanges manufacturers in india and exporter of cast and Flanges & Precision CNC Machined Elements, Alloy Steel, Close Die & Open Forged Elements. Range of forged carbon steel flanges & stainless-steel pipes are amongst the most extensive in India and as we know there are many flanges manufacturers in india, so that it is available in different in amount. These mild steel flanges are excessive in performance and low on maintenance. They are available in market leading price ranges and are readily available in different sizes. Fivebros is also package consignments as per the requirement of our consumers and supply these in large amounts within the period of your time.

Fivebros with its dedicated and highly skilled team of Engineers, Latest infrastructure and its regular quest for progress have fulfilled customers from different industries namely Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Power, Fertilizers, Fabrication, Instrumentation, Diary & Food, Marine. Adhering to the market-oriented development and firmly sticking to the ideals of quality, loyalty and advancement, Fivebros has devoted itself to be the single best supplier for carbon steel plate flanges, carbon steel flanges. Their employees has the inherent desire to offer something exceptional and truly excellent with advancement and creativeness.

Types of flanges are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel 
  • Alloy Steel 
  • Carbon Steel 
  • Duplex 
  • Nickle alloy steel 
  • Customized 

Specifications of flanges: 

  • Stainless Steel: 321H/321Stainless Steel, 304H, 304/304L
  • Alloy Steel: ASTM A 182 F1, F5, F6, F11, F22
  • Carbon Steel: ASTM A 106, SA 266 / SA 1, C22, C, ST37.2 carbon pipe, C22-8 carbon steel
  • Low Temp Steel: SA 350 LF2
  • High Yield Steel: ASTM F 694, F48, F50, F60
  • AFNOR flanges : BF Z 7 CN 18-09, CN 18-10, BF Z 6 CNT 18-10, BF Z 3 CND 17-11-02, BF Z 7, CND 17-11-02, BF Z 6 CNDT 17-12, BF Z 6 CNDNb 18-12,  BF Z 3 CN 19-09
  • DIN: WNR 1.4401, WNR1.4438,  0.045, WNR1.4462

Their size range is offered from to ½” to 36” (10mm to 900mm) with dimensional standards ASME, ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.20, ASME, ANSI B16.47, ASME/ANSI B16.5, BS4504 pipe part1 flanges SEC3.1 flanges, BS1 560.

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Monel Flanges
Stainless Steel Flanges
Mono Flange Valve
Duplex Flanges
Stainless Steel Flange

Monel Flanges

Monel Flanges the reliable forgings product, we are always known for highly renowned in various overseas industries as a major Manufacturer in stainless steel who deals with multiple variety of steel flanges. Exporter and supplier with a superior electronics features which allows to different pipes that connected together in decade of secured phases then FiveBros is a major industrial flanges in all over India. We are having an expert in valve materials and acquired in-depth knowledge of forged and machined components regarding the production and marketing of a wide range. we offer you the best product among all leading stainless steel flanges companies with latest functionality of machine and material the will make your forgings product more stronger.

Monel Flanges is having multiple types in all leading Thermowell Forgings product like Socket-Weld, Slip-On, Lap Joint, Blind and Welding Neck. When we create such flanges our monel product is made up of excellent corrosion resistance property towards thermowells and forgings which include of Nickel Alloy and copper in correlation with some advantage of sequence strength. Some how all this products are made for marine and industrial applications, Offering you different kinds of monel flanges with various design and shades that could leads to your specific requirements. Look out major thermowells and forgings product including Forged and Machined components, Instrumentation Ball Valve and Double Block and Bleed Valves.

If you want to have a quality range of duplex flanges or mono flange valve in multiple forms and standards then do contact FiveBros Forgings where you will get the best among all valve flanges company in cheap price. In creation of outlet with single reducing dimension each method of smaller diameter will count in wide range which could able to build in same monel flanges of different size transition. Duration of forged and machined components are very much eligible to use in various section of thermowell forgings in uses of mono ball valve.

Follow on:  Close Die Forgings

Stainless Steel Flanges

Stainless Steel Flanges is a major consumption in piping system which is comes under spectacle that is more curiously used for primary isolation. Steel product now a time is became one of the most useful safety in machined components, For every single work weather it may be Alloy Steel Flanges or Nickel Alloy Flanges having its consistent use for making forgings material. SS Stainless Steel Flanges at FiveBros Forgings is a main leading product in integrating CNC machine component by Double Block and Bleed Valves or Mono Flange Valve. Flange fittings in each section create easy connection in the process of piping to instrumentation tubing, In case of Design process flanges made it in ease to use manifold valves.

Material for creating any kind of stainless steel product or other materials and NACE hardness in common use of ss flanges are available to order. At the time of concrete electronic Flanges manufacturers all fittings are cast coded every bit section with complete traceability. FiveBros Forgings is a leading valves and flanges manufacturer all over the globe and world wide distributor of stainless steel flanges and all kinds of exotic material compression are present..
Such product is listed below:

  • Duplex Flanges
  • EIL Approved Flanges
  • Thermowell Forgings
  • Chrome Moly Flanges
  • Alloy Steel Flanges
  • Nickel Alloy Flanges
  • IBR FLanges
  • Forged and Machined components
  • Valve Forgings
  • Monel Flanges
  • Steel Flanges
  • Flanges manufacturers in india
  • Mono Flange Valve
  • Stainless Steel Flanges
  • Instrumentation Ball Valve
  • SS Flanges
  • Close Die Forgings
  • Double Block and Bleed Valves
  • Manifold Valves
  • Tube Fittings
  • Needle Valve
  • Thermowells
  • Forgings

If you want to have a regular updates from FiveBros Forgings then please subscribe to our blog...

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Mono Flange Valve
Duplex Flanges

Mono Flange Valve

Mono Flange Valve which reflect in style known as ball valve that is used for interfacing instruments in each valves section towards processing piping that was earlier launched by Parker Hannifin. The kind of friction and bidirectional functionality perform in valve range are well designated by Monoball which present in various size with bores counted by 10, 15, 20 or 25. The construction of Mono Flange Valve makes the new valve reliably lighter product as compare to previous one and more compact which is very much conventional with each flange to flange in mounted ball valves.

Mono Flange Valve is always comes with an Bonded Liner Centric Disc. This kind of valve product is almost applicable for various industries and mainly featured at shipbuilding, heavy industry and civil engineering, this are the main sources for such ss stainless steel flanges product. Every time the valve body of single part is machined with forging and will keep on reducing each potential leak paths minimum low level. In alternate range of producing multiple flanges, the sources of different valves thermowells and forgings product such integrated parts are Double Block and Bleed Valves, duplex flanges, Manifold Valves and Instrumentation Ball Valve.

There are some major points which needs to be considered in counting of each valve:

  • BS En 593 in this section the Design pattern should be generated
  • Each dimension of EN 558 table I would be on same side by face to face
  • In making such flange every potion of that machine should be checked like Top Flange, Shaft, Bearings, Name Plate, Body, Precision Taper pins, Disc, Bounded Linear, Cove etc.
  • On Request of mono flange valve in single spare time the working pressure should go up to 25 bar
  • Below is the image which will describe the complete patter of valve machine

Duplex Flanges

FiveBros Forgings provide High quality of duplex flanges which been used in many industrial state in the world.

This kind of product is always used as internal and external part of lib, its for a strength of duplex flanges which posses as T-beam in guiding purpose. In all leading industries of stainless steel supply the most and very common used product with high quality is EIL Approved Flanges, Alloy Steel Flanges, Nickel Alloy Flanges, Chrome Moly Flanges, IBR FLanges. Among all this resistant we always recommend you to prefer super duplex pipe flanges with that fitting will be most suitable.

In Variation of steel flanges pipe is always used for assemble with all pipes arranged together with effectively which goes in quick process. Where in Stainless steel product, it has various kinds of standard tube fitting flanges like Steel or alloy used in industry standard. The Steel product at FiveBros Forgings that we supply are always being with specific unique dimensions for every industries like oil, petrochemical etc. All Product like duplex flanges is made standardized changeability of each steel product. It always been important to know that no single product in steel industries match with another. For example, there are various kinds of work is going on regarding pipe fitting in different ANSI configuration; which shows it has a compatibility with both. Many stainless steel flanges product shows standard ANSI pattern. Where in steel industries every time US is leading in world for high manufacturing of spec pipe fittings as we at FiveBros Forgings supply.

At FiveBros we measure high combination of pressure, heat and chemical resistant with standard of pipe fitting duplex flanges. Although monel flanges with high level of Chromium and Molybenum that goes on increasing in every resistant properties. Well the weakest system in pipe are potentially known as pipe flanges, Mainly the greatest strength would be pipe flanges if the right product is used.